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2011 Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

Human Alliance Scout

Robo Power Activators

Robo Power Go-Bots

Robo Fighters

Deluxe (Target Exclusives)

Deluxe (Walmart Exclusives)

Deluxe (TRU Exclusive)


Robo Power Bash Bots

Robo Power Revving Robots


Robo Power - Role Play

Human Alliance (K-Mart Exclusives)

Voyager (Walmart

Misc. DOTM Exclusives

Human Alliance



2011 Transformers Generations

Transformers Generations

Generations (2nd year) continues with more Fall of Cybertron (video game universe), and IDW comic-verse toys.  In 2011 a few larger price points (masterpiece, anniversary) were added to line, which was previously deluxe-only.


Supreme Class

More box pics

2011 Transformers Reveal The Shield

Transformers Reveal The Shield

A new line for 2011, Reveal the Shield picks up where 2010 Hunt for the Decepticons line left off.  Toys are mostly inspired by live action movie aesthetic, featuring mostly realistic alt modes.  Like many lines before it, toys feature heat-activated (black) Autobot & Decepticon insignia decals.  However, unlike previous lines, characters' allegience is not otherwise "revealed" on the packaging or toys.






2011 Transformers Prime First Edition

Transformers Prime

A limited release of Transformers Prime toys coincided with the initial episodes of the TF Prime TV series.  Most Transformers Prime: First Edition toys were sold in the US as Toys "R" Us exclusives, in late 2011.

Deluxe-1st edition

Voyager-1st Edition

NYCC Exclusive

Entertainment Pack

2011 Transformers Timelines

Transformers Timelines (BotCon)

BotCon Exclusive

Autotroopers (3-pack)
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Autotroopers (3-pack)
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Fisitron
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Minerva
Shattered Glass Galvatron
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Galvatron
Shattered Glass Thundercracker
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Thundercracker
Sideswipe (Animated)
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Sideswipe (Animated)
Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Breakdown
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Breakdown
Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Dead End
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Dead End
Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Drag Strip
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Drag Strip
Stunti-Con-Job boxset - The Motor Master
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Stunti-Con-Job boxset - The Motor Master
Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Wildrider
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Stunti-Con-Job boxset - Wildrider
Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Toxitron


2011 3rd Party Toys - (Not Transformers)


Blesser (Sidearm recolor)
CA-01 Warcry (Not Growl)
CA-02 Flameblast (Not Fireshot)
CA-03 Thundershred (Not Strapnel)
CA-04 Stormbomb (Not Bombshell)
CA-05 Backfiery (Not Kickback)
TFX-04B Shadow Scythe (Not Shattered Glass Rodimus, add-on)