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Ep. 14 "Crisscross"

Airachnid plots her revenge against Arcee and Jack in negotiating with Silas.

Ep. 13 "Operation Breakdown"

The Autobots save Breakdown who has been taken by Silas and his agents.

Ep. 12 "Shadowzone"

Kids are trapped in an alternate dimension with a reanimated Skyquake in the middle of a GroundBridge failure.

Ep. 11 "Out of His Head"

Megatron is in Bumblebee's head and continues to control him.


Ep. 10 "Sick Mind"

Optimus Prime becomes infected with a Decepticon plague.


Ep. 10 "Predatory"

When Arcee takes Jack on a routine mission, Airachnid turns up, putting him in danger.

Ep. 11 "Speed Metal"

Jack wants to impress a girl and asks Bumblebee to help him.

Ep. 10 "Deus Ex Machina"

Miko and Bulkhead go up against Starscream and Breakdown as they go to Greece to retrieve an Energon Harvester.

Ep. 9 "Convoy"

The Autobots are attacked while helping Agent Fowler transport an implosion device.


Ep. 8 "Con Job"

Bulkhead awaits a visit from his buddy Wheeljack, but his arrival does not go as planned.

Ep. 7 "Scrapheap"

Bumblebee and Ratchet eliminate a swarm of Scraplets.

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Ep. 6 "Master and Student"

Starscream uses a distraction to find something far more intriguing.


Ep. 5 Darkness Rising: Part 5

The fate of the earth hangs in the balance.


Ep. 4 Darkness Rising: Part 4

Megatron and an army to fight against the Autobots.

Ep. 3 Darkness Rising: Part 3

Bulkhead tries to rescue Agent Fowler.

Ep. 2 Darkness Rising: Part 2

The Autobots are met by Megatron.


Ep. 1 Darkness Rising: Part 1

The return of the Decepticons.