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Hasbro Panel #1: What's to Come!

Greg Lombardo, Marketing Director; Jerry Jivoin, Marketing Developer; Josh Lamb, Design; Bill Rawley, Design; Erick Seibenaller, design; Lenny panzica design

Intro included the usual "No pictures during presentation" But many of the toys will be made available for photography at the Hasbro display.

2011: Huge year for Transformers, DOTM end of June, Transformers Prime: ongoing, Launch of new product lines Kre-O and Rescue Bots.

Very brief mention of Kre-O. Quick run through of photos DOTM Megatron, Optimus, Sentinel Prime, lots of "Kreons" G1 inspired sets, so many to see couldn't type fast enough, but a lot!

Rescue Bots: Features a new cast of characters that specialize in rescue. Optimus sends them in to do the dirty work, clean up! Blades, Chase, Heatwave, Boulder are the main cast. Didn't say when will launch.

Reveal the Shield... Hasbro is well aware there are many toys that didn't get full launch. The Good news is that Generations continues throughout the rest of 2011. Those in short supply should ship throughout the rest of the year. (Which means the bad news is, likely other toy release dates will push back.

DOTM: The idea behind MechTech wanted to include a big tough weapon/features that were external to the figure, so it didn't compromise the transformation of the robot.


• Air Raid (first time we've seen this great looking toy) green commuter type plane w/ radar dish above, concept was to make him look more like a knight. Radar dish on the top converts to sword and shield.

• Dark Iron: DOTM Sideswipe recolor, colors inspired by Beast Wars Quick Strike.

• Wave 6 more to be revealed just before movie release.

Voyager Ironhide recolored w/ G1 red/black. Talked about the Leader Ironhide, very excited about this figure...

Ultimate Optimus Prime: Goal was to make it look huge! SD Comic con exclusive will be on display

MechTech human alliance

Start w/ talk of Roadbuster. Wave 3 Human Alliance, cannot reveal yet.

Cyberverse Shockwave turns into another armored vehicle. Autobor Ratchet w/ Lunar crawler.

2011 Exclusives:

TRU Trans-Scanning Ironhide and Sideswipe. Wave 2 will have Ratchet and Bumblebee, deluxe toys.

Battle damage Bumblebee Cyberverse battle pack that was inspired by the on-set accident.

Target: Elita 1 Bumblebee, Space Case and Jazz

TARGET: Human Alliance Leadfoot will be a Target Exclusive (can't imagine why!) Dog turns into a projectile launcher.

Walmart: Deluxe Optimus Prme, 84 race care BB, and 04 Sideswipe because SS was originally the 4th toy ever released in Japan!

MASTERPIECE UNICRON! Will be an Amazon Exclusive, will have a brand new head Movie accurate 86. Will be in the case Available on Amazon in October. I talked to Hasbro reps at the booth who told me the toy on display was not final and that the final version would have clear/green light up eyes.

Other future key events: June 29 DOTM, July 21-24 SD comic con, Oct 13-16 NY comic con Prime First Edition Toys launch Launch 12/1/11

With that wanted to show some Transformers Prime, 1st edition toys:

• wave 2: deluxe Cliff Jumper! We saw it, couldn't take pictures looks GREAT! Really wanted to get him into the series "early." Also in wave 2: Vehicon (Decepticon Drones) and "Terrorcon Cliffjumper" a dark energon possessed Cliffjumper recolor.

• Voyager Optimus Prime 36490, Grey model looked AMAZING! Everything we're fans are hoping for.

• Voyager Bulkhead 36490. Looks GREAT Seibenaer: I had My own nerd moment when I stood back and gazed upon just how awesome this figure is turning out! Very fired up for this one.

• Also coming: deluxe entertainment pack

TF: Prime Sneak Peak: Concepts only. Work in Progress

• Prime Cyberverse Ratchet, Cyberverse Wheeljack w/ swords. Prime Legion Bumblebee, Legion Arcee: more to scale figure w/ great level of detail (looked quite impressive), Commander Ironhide: pickup truck w/ cannon

• Deluxe: saw a 3D drawing of Soundwave: has a great stealth jet mode. Toy will come w/ Laserbeak who fits right on his chest and snaps on his hand can use it as a axe-blade weapon

• Prime Deluxe Ratchet: We got to see grey model Looks amazing spot on w/ blade weapons which snap on his hands

• Prime Deluxe Wheeljack: Transfomation sketches, then gray model WOW! Rediculous. Great pose, swords look amazing car Ferrari –like (still wish this character was "Drift" and save the Wheeljack for the crazy mad-scientist inventor type.)

• Prme voyager Starscream. Early sketches, crowd went wild w/ photo of grey model! Includes "MechTech" weapon, clear w/ lights shine through arm/hand.


If there is a War for Cybertron video game, then we will want to make toys that will further mirror the style of the first video game. Response suggests there will be! ?

Any more Animated? Botcon or otherwise? They want Botcon to do something not being sold in stores, then so a matter time. May see other toys, but not in the "right now" as focus will be on DOTM. We want it too, it's on the radar, but it's a matter of time.

Generations Arcee: Cannot make any announcement yet, but there is something in the works for the end of this year... Stay tuned.