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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime (Robo Power Revving Robots)


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Optimus Prime (Robo Power Revving Robots):

The fearless leader of the AUTOBOTS needs your help to let the DECEPTICONS know there’s no room for them in the universe! So rev up OPTIMUS PRIME and join the adventure. With an unflinching glare and steely determination, this OPTIMUS PRIME figure is ready to take out the DECEPTICONS once and for all.

Your OPTIMUS PRIME FIGURE is always primed for battle, and this revered leader is armed for DECEPTICON destruction! Stun the DECPTICONS with his blinding lights and send them spinning with his rotating weapon!

Poseable robot action figure features lights, sounds and a spinning weapon! Change poses to send bot into battle mode!


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