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Big Hoss (Stealth Force):

BIG HOSS couldn’t care less about the high ideals for which the AUTOBOTS® supposedly fight. Power is what matters. With power, the world bends to your will. He fights for OPTIMUS PRIME® because he knows the DECEPTICONS® don’t know what to do with real power, and he loves to see them shake with fear when he unleashes his firepower.

This cool BIG HOSS vehicle hides a secret — and it’s sure to take his enemies by surprise. Send your vehicle out into action in regular vehicle mode, then push the button to reveal its hidden weapons! Before the enemy even knows what’s happening, you’re wielding the firing missile to take control of the fight. When combat is over, pull the tab to retract the weapons and shift this four-wheeler back into stealth vehicle mode. With vehicles like this on the “road”, you never know when the next battle will begin!

SUMMARY: Sleek vehicle shifts between standard stealth vehicle mode and battle mode with a firing missile accessory! Push a button to reveal hidden weapons and pull the tab to retract them! Vehicle does not convert to robot. Ages 4 and up.


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