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Transformers Generations Thunderwing

Alt mode: Jet

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THUNDERWING is so single-minded and powerful that even MEGATRON hesitates to get in his way. He is loyal to the DECEPTICON commander, but once he is given an order, nothing stops him until the mission is complete. All too often, that mission is the annihilation of a world that has defied the will of MEGATRON — a task at which THUNDERWING excels.

Turn the tables on enemy forces when you throw this warrior into the fight! Your THUNDERWING figure is dedicated to destroying any opponent and his two launching missiles will help you two get the job done. If the “hand-to-hand” robot action turns into a chase, convert your fighter into stealth jet vehicle mode, detach his recon drone and send them racing off to rule the “skies”!

Figure comes with 2 launching missiles.

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