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Cyberverse (2011-) Shockwave w/ Fusion Tank


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Shockwave w/ Fusion Tank:

SHOCKWAVE stealthily tears through the Earth in order to avoid detection by the AUTOBOTS and their human allies. His ability to emerge from the ground and attack anywhere has put the AUTOBOTS on alert! Where will he strike next?

Race into battle with this 3-in-1 converting action set! Your terrifying SHOCKWAVE figure changes from robot mode to vehicle mode and back again. His Fusion Tank figure shifts from tank mode to ground weapon mode to battle base mode and back again so he’s ready for anything. As the battle rages on, keep converting SHOCKWAVE and his Fusion Tank back and forth — and face whatever his enemies throw at him!

CYBERVERSE Series 1 006 SHOCKWAVE Fusion Tank. Ages 5 and up.

Other toy appearances:

* Shockwave also known as: Shockblast

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