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Transformers Power Core Combiners Over-Run with Stunticons

Alt mode: Race Car
Weapon: Power Core Drones

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Over-Run with Stunticons:

Originally named, "Spastic" the toy's name was later changed because the term Spastic is considered a derogatory slang for mentally disabled. As one of the final waves of figures in the Power Core Combiner toy line, the figure was never released at mass retail anyway... OVER-RUN is impulsive, violent, and dangerously unpredictable. He almost always operates alone, because most other DECEPTICONS are afraid to be anywhere near him. He does anything he can to aggravate dangerous situations into total catastrophes, causing chaos and confusion among ally and enemy alike. Create some chaos with OVER-RUN, the scariest of the DECEPTICONS! When you send OVER-RUN into battle, he'll do his best to make a bad situation worse. Once he's destroyed everything in sight in robot mode, convert him to vehicle mode for a wild escape. When he's in danger, put him in power-up mode, and use the included drone vehicles to give him extra limbs! Includes robot figure and four drone vehicles. Ages 5 and up.

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