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Transformers Prime

The third and final year of the Tranformers Prime toy line and TV series, Beast Hunters takes the line in a new direction.  Decepticons are joined by new Autobot-hunting monsters, Predacons.  Most of the classic Prime characters got updated toys with some beast-esque characteristics, like Smokescreen, Soundwave, & Optimus Prime.

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Legion

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Legion 2-Pack

Battle Mask

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Commander

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Commander 2-Pack

Beast Hunters - Deluxe

Beast Hunters -Voyager

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Legion Gift-Set]

Beast Hunters "Cyberverse" Playset

Beast Hunters - Ultimate

Transformers Kre-O


Custom Kreon