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Transformers Reveal The Shield Battle In Space Rodimus & Cyclonus


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Lost in deep space and desperate to rendezvous with the other AUTOBOTS®, RODIMUS and his crew pilot their damaged starship through a forgotten part of the universe. Their one hope is to avoid the DECEPTICONS® they know are hunting them. CYCLONUS will stop at nothing to destroy the AUTOBOTS. He will scour the cosmos for his prey, never stopping and never resting until RODIMUS and the others are nothing but blasted atoms.

Get in gear for a colossal robot battle — and press the buttons to reveal which side your figures are fighting on! Your RODIMUS figure is up against a powerful and fierce opponent: your CYCLONUS figure and his NIGHTSTICK MINI-CON ally. Your CYCLONUS figure is a fearsome fighter in robot mode, but he gets even tougher when you convert him to hypersonic fighter vehicle mode and convert his MINI-CON pal to a laser cannon accessory. This villain may think he’s got the battle all wrapped up, but they haven’t seen your RODIMUS figure’s vehicle mode yet! Convert him to race car vehicle mode and convert his tailpipe to a photon “blaster” to fire projectile accessories at his enemies to level the playing field — and maybe even win the fight!

Figures come with comic and NIGHTSTICK MINI-CON figure.

SUMMARY: Two fierce robot warriors convert from robot modes to vehicle modes and back again! RODIMUS® figure converts to race car vehicle mode with a tailpipe that becomes a photon “blaster” the fires projectile. CYCLONUS® figure converts to hypersonic fighter vehicle mode. Press the buttons to reveal the figures’ AUTOBOT® or DECEPTICON® allegiance! Figures come with comic and NIGHTSTICK™ MINI-CON™ figure that converts to a laser cannon accessory. Ages 5 and up.

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* Rodimus also known as: Rodimus Prime

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