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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Fireburst Optimus Prime


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Fireburst Optimus Prime:

OPTIMUS PRIME fights with the utmost valor, courage and power. His dominance over the DECEPTICONS is due to countless centuries of battle experience, a mighty armament and a virtuous Spark. Even so, widespread threats to the AUTOBOTS and OPTIMUS PRIME still exist – there is no time to rest, there is no time for defeat, there is only time for victory!

Spring into action with this vehicle-to-robot hero! Convert your mighty OPTIMUS PRIME figure from truck mode to battle-ready robot mode. Then convert him back to vehicle mode so he can chase down his enemies! As the battle rages on, keep converting him back and forth, so he’s ready to face whatever his enemies throw at him! Weapons work with any MECHTECH TRANSFORMERS figure! (Each sold separately.) Rifle converts to battle axe!

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