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Cyberverse (2011-) Optimus Prime w/ Armored Weapon Platform


Optimus Prime Armored Weapons Platform (Cyberverse Action Set) in other sections:

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Optimus Prime w/ Armored Weapon Platform:

OPTIMUS PRIME turns to his ARMORED WEAPONS PLATFORM when his Energon blades can’t quite cut it. The strike base is equipped with weapons far more powerful than the handheld variety he usually wields. The ARMORED WEAPONS PLATFORM also converts to a mechanical exosuit if mobility enhancement is required. DECEPTICON foes beware – OPTIMUS PRIME has become even more powerful!

Your OPTIMUS PRIME figure is three times as dangerous in this 3-in-1 action set! In assault mode, he attacks with his Energon blades, but if those aren’t enough, convert him to battle base mode and its powerful launching missile. Convert him to vehicle mode if a big, brawny truck can help him prevail over his enemies!

Convert your OPTIMUS PRIME figure into assault vehicle mode, truck mode or battle base mode!

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