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Transformers Reveal The Shield Strafe

Alt mode: Stealth Jet
Weapon: Electro Daggers

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Most of the time, STRAFE is a pleasant guy to be around, if a little bit jumpy. But if something startles him, it’s a better than even chance that everything around him will end up with at least one hole burned through it. Loud noises, alarms, bacon sizzling – pretty much anything can set him off. Other AUTOBOTS® tend to stay away from him on the battlefield, preferring to let his twitchy fight reaction burn itself out on DECEPTICONS® before they move in to capture the cowering survivors. Roll out for some serious robot action! Press the button to reveal this figure’s robot allegiance and then prepare him for a fight. Your STRAFE warrior figure features flip-down knives that are sure to give his opponents extra trouble. When it’s time for combat, convert him into fighter jet vehicle mode so he can soar right into the heart of the battle. And when the battle’s over, deploy his landing gear so he can touch down safely! SUMMARY: Detailed robot-to-vehicle figure converts from robot to fighter jet vehicle mode with deployable landing gear — and back again! Figure features knives that flip down! Press the button to reveal the figure’s AUTOBOT® or DECEPTICON® allegiance! Ages 5 and up.

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