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Transformers Generation 1
Transformers toy designers were very creative this year!  It was an interesting time with several new concepts, featuring the pairing of smaller human-like "Nebulon" partners for each ...Master.  TheHeadmasters had alternate modes where the driver of the vehicle becomes the head of the robot.  Likewise, the Targetmasters had a partner which turned into the robot or vehicle's gun.

The year also featured two of the last standard- style combiner teams, the Terrorcons and Technobots.  Other interesting and unique concepts introduced this year include: "Clones" were a pair of identical robots which each had totally different alternate modes, a spy which in addition to his vehicle and Autobot robot modes, also had a separate Decepticon bot mode!  There were "Monsterbots" and the first of its kind Decepticon 6-changer!  On this page, you can also learn about arguably, the most highly sought after Transformer by collectors, the enormous, unique and breath-taking: Fortress Maximus, a toy which towers 2 feet tall!  Enjoy your visit to the unicron.com 1987 Transformers section, as always, toys are listed in order that they appear on the collector pad CHECKLIST.


Decepticon Special Team Mini-Vehicles Assortment 2

Autobot Special Team Mini-Vehicles Assortment 2

Cassettes Assortment 3


Large Targetmaster Autobots

Decepticon Special Team Leaders Assortment 2

Autobot Special Team Leaders Assortment 2

Clones & Doublespy


Large Targetmaster Decepticons

Large Headmaster Autobots

Large Headmaster Decepticons

Headmaster Horrorcons