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Transformers Generation 1 Sureshot with Spoilsport

Motto: “Believing in yourself improves your aim better than target practice.”

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Sub-Group: Targetmasters
Nebulan Component: Spoilsport

Profile: Sureshot established his gunslinging reputation on his home planet of Cybertron millions of years ago, before the Autobot-Decepticon War began. While still only a young prototype he won the annual Intra-formers Sharp-shooting Competition against a veteran field that included Optimus Prime, Megatron and many other renowned marksmen. Son after, the war began and both sides eagerly sought Sureshot for his superior shooting skills. Optimus Prime convinced him to join the Autobots by granting him a degree of autonomy from the usual chain of command. Nowadays, Sureshot has a confidence in his abilities that borders on arrogance. He is quick to show of some of his more sensational talents, such as hitting targets blind-folded from memory. However, his recent experience on the planet Nebulous was a blow to his massive ego. Forced to surrender his weapons to the Nebulans for the sake of peace, he was paired with Spoilsport, a former Nebulan military officer. Spoilsport was bio-engineered to have the ability to transform into a twin laser cannon, Sureshot’s former weapon. He needs no help to aim and shoot and is as good a shot as Sureshot –a fact that never fails to irritate the Autobot. Spoilsport feels unnecessary, unappreciated and is resentful of his Nebulan partner. The two only cooperate when their lives depend on it. Otherwise, they are unwilling but extremely effective allies.

Abilities: Both Sureshot and Spoilsport are extremely skilled marksmen. Either one can bullseye the head of a screw from up to six miles away. Spoilsport transforms to a dual laser cannon in 2.2 seconds. I this mode he shoots twin beams of high-energy laser light. Either beam can punch a hole through a small mountain. Sureshot transforms to a ground vehicle with a maximum speed of 290 mph and range of 1,200 miles. In either mode, Sureshot can wield weapon mode Spoilsport.

Weaknesses: Sureshot and Spoilsport are poorly matches personality-wise, which hampers their teamwork and cooperation at times. Spoilsport is prone to overheating if overused in weapons mode. He must revert to human mode to cool off.

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