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Transformers Generation 1 Scorponok with Lord Zarak

Function: Headmaster Commander
Motto: Kindness is no virtue... and cruelty is no vice.
Alt mode: City / Scorpion

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Profile: Scorponok seems to exist solely to terrorize the innocent and cause devastation in the name of teh Decepticon cause and his own gain. If his personality seems almsot stereotypically evil and unrealistically one-dimensional, that's because he wants it to appear that way. Being a leader int the Decepticon army requires a transformer to be constantly on guard, physically and emotionally, while radiating an aura of fear and power. Thus, Scorpo9nok actively works to hide a second secret side of himself: the noble warrior who hopes the conflict will eventually be resolved to the benefit of all Transformers. Ages of projecting a violent, uncaring image would have completely relegated this side of Scorponok to being hidden had he not binary-bonded with Lord Zarak. Zarak was a corrupt right-wing politian on Nebulon who saw joining with the Decepticons as a way to further his own agenda. No being, mechanoid, or humanoid truly views himself as evil, so when Zarak saw the effect the conflict had on his people and the Transformers, some small part of him started to question the morality of what he had done. This has prompted Scorponok to wonder very much the same.

Abilities: Scorponok is immensly powerful, highly intelligent, and virtually impervious to most armaments. He is a skilled commander and a fearless warrior. In scorpion mode, his tail fires 100,000-volt blasts of electricity. He is also armed with twin pulse blasters (usable in both modes.) His base mode has a full compement of scanners, communications equipment, offensive weapons batteries, and repair bays. Fasttrack is a remote controlled drone that jubject uses to guard his back in combat. In robot mode, Scorpobnok wields a fusion-powered anti-gravity gun. His headmaster partner is a skilled and very capable politician and speaker who is also becoming a skilled military leader

Weaknesses: Scorponok exhibits no know physical weaknesses, but his subconscious self-doubt -magnified by Zarak's own could be his undoing.

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