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Transformers Generation 1 Fastlane & Cloudraker

Function: Road Warrior // Sky Fighter
Motto: “You’re either out of my way or out of luck!” // “Gravity is the chain that binds us all.”

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The Autobot Clones are identical looking robots that transform into two very different vehicle forms. They are FASTLANE and CLOUDRAKER.

Profile: Fastlane is the younger clone brother of the Autobot Cloudraker. He is also far more immature than CR. Altho this is often the case between siblings of substantially different ages, Fastlane was created only .0005 seconds after his brother! But it is perhaps that the time differential that accounts for the great difference in their personalities. Fastlane is a thrill seeking showoff who is always looking for new ways to get his kicks. He has made reckless driving a way of life. But he’s more mischievous than malicious about it. IN fact, his asphault antics have proven to be so entertaining to onlookers that both Autobots and humans alike regard him very favorably. His most notroius stunt occurred several thousand years ago on Cybertron: in an attempt to prove that he could make a 360 degree turn on a crowded highway in the space of 30 feet while maintaining a speed of 85 miles per hour caused a 4,237 vehicle accident. Traffic was tied up for almost m 2 weeks! But miraculously no one was seriously hurt and most importantly to FL, proved to himself that he could do it!

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Fastlane can attain a maximum speed of 220 mph and has a range of 350 miles. By engaging rear mounted booster jets he can increase his maximum speed to 550 mph but not for more than a few minutes at a time. In robot mode he carries two powerful sonic boom rifles. He can adjust the frequency and amplitude of the guns blast so that their effect can be as delicate as changin the direction of a falling feather or as dramatic as shattering a block of ft thick steel.

Weaknesses: Unaware of or perhaps more accurately, refusing to acknowledge his own limitations, Fastlane often unintentionally incapacitates himself as a result of his antics. For example, during some of his more demanding stunts, he typically burns out his servo-motor circuit, which activate and control high speed movements in his joints.

Profile: Nothing is good enough for Cloudraker. He’s jealous of his clone bro’s popularity w/ beings of all types. He wishes he could scoot along on the ground like his brother does in dragster mode so that he could have more opportunities to interact with others, while at the same time he is terrified of being grounded. He flies as high as he can to escape this fear, yet he is eternally frustrated by his inability to reach escape velocity and achieve orbit. The fact that he is one of the fastest of all the aerial Autobots does little to console him. Even soaring through the skies is a problem for him –an inperfection in his navigational systems afflicts him with claustrophobia, even the skies are too small for him! Cloudraker is a mass of crossed circuits. And he’ll need years of debugging before he ever fully straightens out.

Abilities: In jet mode, Cloudraker has a maximum speed of Mach 2.8. His range is 3,200 miles. In robot mode he is armed with two gravity rod rifles. By altering the strength of the gravitational field around any object their beams hit, the rifles can cause an object to either crash or float away. The larger the object, the less effective are the rifles.

Weaknesses: All of Cloudraker’s various abilities are hampered according to how emotionally distraught he is at any given moment. On the few occasions when he can put all his problems behind him, he is a very effective warrior. His major physical problem is a tendency to suffer “mode-lock” –the inability to transform from 1 mode to another.

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Other toy appearances (Cloudraker):

• Universe Mini-Con Class 12-pack (KMart exclusive - Backstop, Blight, Bodyblock, Boltflash, Brimstone, Cloudraker, Flatfoot, Heavytread, Knockdown, Makeshift, Skyhammer, Suppressor) (2008)

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