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Transformers Generation 1 Pounce & Wingspan

Function: Infiltrator // Data Processor
Motto: “Terror is the stage on which I perform.” // “Knowledge is the most deadly weapon of all.”

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Profile: If ever there was a Decepticon equivalent (although most Autobots would say there’s no difference at all) of Repugnus, Pounce is it. He’s not as ugly, but hes every bit (if not more) as anti-social and downright vicious and nasty. Wily, silent, deadly and merciless, he’s the right machine for the right job… namely the one no one else wants! Though he’s as savage and deadly as one could want, a lot of his success stems from the reputation (almost legend) he’s skillfully built up around himself. No one (not even fellow Decepticons) knows when or where he’ll strike next. He hunts at night, striking silently and lethally and then melting back into the shadows. He works best alone deep in enemy territory with an open-ended brief to destabilize the Autobot forces. When he does strike, pleas for mercy are wasted breath. Like Repugnus, the more disgusting it gets, the more he relishes it. Pounce cares little for the company of others, except is twin Wingspan and enjoys terrorizing his fellow Decepticons almost (but not quite as much as he enjoys hunting down Autobots. As he has been know to mutter, “it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!

Abilities: In puma mode, Pounce can creep with virtually no noise at all and then leap up to a colossal seven miles to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. He possesses enhanced eyesight (including highly defined night vision and an enhanced sense of smell. He can track virtually anything, anywhere. In robot mode the laser range finder and target lock system in his optical sensors provide 99% accuracy with his twin anti-personnel missle launching guns, both of which come complete with metal shearing bayonet attachments. He is the clone brother of Wingspan.

Weaknesses: Apart from a somewhat inflated opinion of his own abilities, Pounce has no overly grave weaknesses.


Profile: Wingspan is much more thoughtful than his clone brother, Pounce, but is just as ruthless in his own way. wingspan is primarily concedrned with information and he doesn't care how he gets it. Hes an unrepentant snoop whose inquisitive nature makes him crave new information at a rapid pace. Wingspan can never have enough knowledge, so he seeks it out by spyhing on enemy troops; if there's nothing military important to occupy his time, he'll satiate his need for date by spying on beings in their private time. When faced with a prisoner who refuses to give up information, Wingspan isn't above torture to get what he wants. Pounce, who usually shuns his bookish brother, feels great pride when Wingspan resorts to violence.

Abilities: Subject has only average strength and endurance but incredibly high intelligence. He is an expert at collating and analyzing data and recognizing trends in information. His hawk mode has incredible vision as well as chemical and infrared sensors that he uses to collect geographical data and to locate resources. In both modes, he can wield two electro-burst rifles that overload a target's circuitry.

Weaknesses: Although skilled at his function, Wingspan is at a disadvantage in full-scale combat situations.

The text above is borrowed from the outstanding Dreamwave comic, TF: More than Meets the Eye #7. I recommend you buy yourself a copy today!

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