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Transformers Generation 1 Scourge with Fracas

Function: Tracker
Motto: “Desolation follows in my trail.”

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BIO: Scourge's contempt for other beings, particularly the Autobots, becomes ironic considering his current partnership with the Nebulan know as Fracas. Two of them are both known for having poor dispositions, but they express them in very different ways. Scourge is frighteningly quiet most of the time, exhibiting a cold malignant anger that explodes into furious action only when he chooses. On the other hand, the volatile Fracas has a hair trigger temper that has him running hot all the time. The slightest misstep can trigger Fracas' rage and Scourge almost appreciates the ferocity with which his Nebulan can fight -almost!

ABILITIES: Subject possesses phenomenal physical strength and endurance he is also a highly intelligent and skilled tracker. His scanning sensors are acute enough to follow the slightest traces of his prey across the galaxy. His Targetmaster partner becomes an incendiary cannon which fires blasts of high-intensity flamable material that can sear through most Transformers' armor. The weapon is useable in both modes.

WEAKNESSES: Scourge has no physical weaknesses, but he is extremely arrogant. Fracas is by far the more vulnerable of the two. The above text is taken from the Dreamwave's TF: MTMTE #7. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy too!

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