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Transformers Generation 1 Battletrap (Duocon)

Function: Assault Team
Motto: “We’re only halves of a whole, but double the trouble.”

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Battletrap (Duocon):

Note: if you have a prestine, unaltered figure, we'd appreciate it if you could send some high rez photos our way! As junior Alterations attempts started w/ painting thie windows of this toy black as young kids!

Profile: Battletrap can best be described as playful –in the same sense that a cat is playful with a mouse that it has caught before the cat moves in for the kill. If his two components were humans they’d very likely be a wrestling tag-team. He likes to trap an adversary between his jeep and helicopter components and have “fun” with them –knock them back and forth a bit, before ripping them to pieces. He’s cheerful and good-natured –no doubt because he enjoys his work so much.

Abilities: Battletrap can divide his robot into two separate and autonomous vehicle modes –jeep and helicopter. The two vehicles have identical personalities and can recombine into robot mode in 1.6 seconds. The jeep has a maximum speed of 90 mph and a range of 600 miles. IN robot and jeep modes, battle trap uses a double barreled, wire guided assault missile launcher with infra-red imaging for night-firing capabilities. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 780 mph and a range of 1,200 miles. It is packed with electronic detection jamming and communication equipment.

Weaknesses: Battletrap has good strength in robot mode but sacrifices much of this for mobility when he divides into two vehicle modes. Neither vehicle is especially rugged or weapons-fire resistant. Shown to the middle right, his only appearance I can ever remember (comic or cartoon).

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