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Transformers Generation 1 Weirdwolf with Monzo

Function: Tracker
Motto: “My pleasure with my enemy's pain comes.”

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Weirdwolf with Monzo:

Nebulan Component: Monzo

Bio: Wierdwolf is an absolutely brilliand, but completely misunderstood, Decepticon. Most of his comrades write him off as a half-witted deranged mechanoid who just happens to have enough of a vicious streak to qualify asa warrior. They couldnt' be more wrong; Wierdwolf has a brilliant poetic spark... as well as a very very wide vicious strealk His thought process is routed in a non-standard fashion, which partially leads to be sing-song, backward style of speech he favors. His verse-like words often fool victims into thinking Wierdwolf is good-natured or non-threatening. This is usually a fatal mistake. Wierdwolf's partner the Nebulan Monzo, is a feral former athlete who can't stand Wierdwolf's poetry or intricate ideas about logic cnd tactics, but he does appreciate the bestial fury they both share.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject possesses above-average strength as well as phenomenal intelligence and endurance. His unique neural processing arrangement essentially gives him a "sixth sense" that he uses to enhance his trackign sikills. Subject is a Headmaster. His wolf Mode's head module is equipped with a variety of scanners including electromagnetic sonar,radar and thermal;' he can also leap .8 miles in this mode. Inn wolf and robnot mode, each of his shoulders can reveal a three-stage missile launcher. As a robot, subject is armed with a thermal sword and photon pistol.

Weaknesses: Subject's tendency to speak out loud when approaching enemies undermines his ability to sneak up on the targets he is tracking.

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Other toy appearances (Weirdwolf):

* Weirdwolf also known as: Wolfwire

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