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Transformers Generation 1 Mindwipe with Vorath

Function: Hypnotist
Motto: “Just one look from me and you've lost.”

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Bio: Mindwipe is fascinated by the unseen. He wants to know what's going on in the shadows just beyond the boundaries of the average Transformer's limited range of perception. This has set Mindwipe on a perpetual quest for a deeper, supernatural meaning to life. Although he doesn't subscribe to a specific set of beliefs like some, Mindwipe is open to any and all mystic theories. He loves arcane lore and has studied ancient Cybertronian datatracks as well as the records of various alien worlds. In his quest for knowledge about the shadowy world beyond this one, Mindwipe has taken to setting up experiments and quasi-seances to contact the sparks of long-dead Decepticons. Thus far, he's only succeeded in intercepting random television transmissions. His partner, Vorath, is a Nebulan scientist who was kicked out for conducting atrocious experiments on live subjects. Vorath wants hard facts and proof, not mystic rhetoric. His cool skepticism causes tension between the two, although Vorath is becoming intrigued by some of hte theories and information that Mindwipe has gathered.

Weapons/Abilities: Subject has great strength and has undergone the Headmaster process. His binary-bonded partner is an accomplished scientist, with specialization in carbon-based physiology and neurobiology. Subject is well versed in a variety of mystical beliefs, religions, and cultural practices. In his bat mode, he has a hypnotic stare that is capable of temporarily giving subject control over all but the strongest-willed Transofrmers. He has two high-frequency speakers that help disorient targets, making them more susceptible to his stare. They can also be used to transfer coded commands to those under his power at a range of 1 mile. In robot mode, subject wields a viper pistol that shoots a toxic liquid that paralyzes a Transformer's neural cluster.

Weaknesses: Subject's wings in bat mode are vulnerable to artillery. He can become distracted even frightened by his ownsuperstitious beliefs, lowering his overall effectiveness.

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