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Transformers Generation 1 Kup (Targetmaster) with Recoil

Function: Warrior
Motto: "The past is the greatest teacher."

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Kup (Targetmaster) with Recoil:

Profile: Kup, as in Pickup truck, is an old warhorse. A grizzled Autobot veteran with ten thousand tall tales from his one thousand adventeures and a motto or word of advice for any situation. He is as brave as they come and as loyal and sometimes as crotchety as a wet hen, especially when Hot Rod's adolescent thoughtlessness propels them into dangerous situations. Kup loves being int he company of the Dinobots because they love hearing his tales of glory. When he transforms, Kup's vehicular mode is somewhat squarish and "old-fashioned" compared to some of the sleeker, "later model" Autobots, but he has no complaint about that. He sees himself as a seasoned campaigner with much knowledge to impart an he imparts it whether or not anyone has asks for it. He is sort of the Fallstaff to Hot Rod's Prince Hal and he relishes the role!

Having survived the most recent Great War and seen the death of Optimus Prime, birth of Rodimus Prime and subsequent re-birth of OP, Kup was eager to add a new wrinkle to his persona and become a Targetmaster. His Nebulan partner recoil was a professional athlete for the Nebulan sport Prismaball. His decision to partner with Kup and become a Targetmaster was one made out of grief after his teammates were killed in a Decepticon attack near the Mercury Mardens. He gets along well with Kup but often find himself volunteering for solo missions to escape hearing about "the good-ole-days" and Kup's various other war stories!

Abilities: In his cybertronian truck mode he is capable of speeds of 110 mph. While capable of small cargo transport, his vehicle mode also has capabilities of trailer towing and other large equipment transport, other smaller bots might not have adequate horse-power to handle. Recoil transforms into a replica of an antique style musket laser. While Kup love's the weapon's old-time-feel, in actuality, he is capable of shooting 100 pulse per second bursts of metal corrosive hydrocloric acid, with a 5 mile range.

Weaknesses: Kup's great experience is a double-edged sword. While that experience can prove very helpful when the situation is familiar he tends to rely upon it too much. When the situation is unfamiliar he isn't always adept at improvising.

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