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Transformers Generation 1 Skullcruncher with Grax

Function: Swamp Warrior
Motto: “Autobots are like bad fuel -weak and greasy.”

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Bio: Although nervous habits tend to crop up in a tense environment like war, Skullcruncher's are perhaps the most irritating. When in gator mode, he has a tendency to unknowingly grind his teeth together in anticipation of combat, producing a high pitched screeching noise that sets most Transformers entire neural cluster on edge. Although it does occasionally terrify Autobot targets, it also lets them know that he's coming, making sneak attacks difficult. Most Decepticons avoid partnering up with him and they try to keep him in robot mode if they're forced to. His other battlefield habit is a conscious and even more disturbing one. Despite his claims that they "taste terrible." Skullcruncher likes to consume his foes when in alligator mode. He'll damage them enough so they can't escape and then chew them into tiny bits before swallowing them. For a race that doesn't require the consumption of living creatures for sustenance, Skullcruncher's acts are particularly grisly. Skullcruncher's Nebulan partner Grax was a ruthless corporate professional who joined the Decepticons to solidify his place at the top of the business world. He became Skullcruncher's partner because the Deception methods were a literal version of Grax's own -utterly and cruelly absorbing all foes. Skullcruncher found his stint in the Nebulan business world interesting but unsarisfying; after all, Nebulans aren't particularly filling

Weapons/Abilities: Subject has incredible strength and endurance. He is covered with thick reinforced armor plating that makes him extremely resistant to physical attacks. In robot mode he wield a a serrated sword and tissue demolecularization gun that makes metal surfaces foft and weak. In alligator mode, his sharp fangs can tear through most armor plating. He prefers to devour his Autobot victims after hitting them wit a blast from his gun, making them easiter to consume. Once inside him, a unique "digestive" system breaks them down into their component parts. The more Skusllcruncher eats, the faster he can regenerate battle damage.

Weaknesses: Subject is slow and not just physically. Although not exceptionally unintelligent (especialy with Grax's current help.) Skullcruncher is slow to react or think of counterattacks. His physical attacks are powerful but they are slow and awkward, particularly in gator mode.

Text is an excerpt from the Dreamwave comic series: TF: More Than Meets the Eye.

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* Skullcruncher also known as: Skullsmasher

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