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Transformers Generation 1 Sixshot

Function: S.T.A.G. Solo Transformer Assault Group
Motto: Life is worth living only as long as there are enemies worth destroying.
Alt mode: Car, Gun, Jet, Tank, Puma

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PROFILE: Sixshot is a bloodthirsty living weapon who is worth twice as many troops as he has transformations. As a further evolution in Transformers technology, Sixshot is the first Decepticon or Autobot who has successfully adapted to to more than three modes without serious side-effects. He manages each of his separate forms with the same determined intensity and lethal efficiency, taking great pride and pleasure in his destructive work. He routinely takes on large groups of foes with ease, scoffing at weaker Transformers meager combat skills. Although he will resort to underhanded tricks to win a fight, Sixshot does have a less treacherous side; if he feels a foe is worthy enough, he will face him honorably in one-on-one combat to the death. Sixshot has obviously never lost such a match. It is said that his only true redeeming quality is how respectfully he speaks of foes that he has dispatched in this type of contest. Perhaps this is because Sixshot knows the inevitable end a warrior faces and he hopes that when that far off day comes that he is outmatched, someone will remember him with honor.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES: Subject has exceptional physical capabilities; he is immensely strong with great intelligence, endurance and resistance to damage. He is a six changer able to transform between modes three times as fast as the average Transformer. In addition to his robot mode, he is capable of transforming into a Transformer-sized, jet propelled laser pistol a treaded siege tank with reinforced ramming capabilities; a wheeled armor personnel carrier (auto); a star with fighter with a top speed of 80,000 miles; as well as a fanged wolf creature with razor-sharp claws and incredible leaping and flight abilities. All of the modes except for the wolf utilize his powerful hypersonic concussion blaster that turns sound into solid force. Subjhect prefers to shred enemies with his fangs and claws in wolf mode. He is an amazingly capable warrior.

WEAKNESSES: Subject ha s no combat related physical weaknesses, but he requiresw more maintenance than the average Transformer because of his different modes and their varied parts. Subject is somewhat arrogant of his prowes, albeit justifiably so. Text from character's Bio, Abilities and Weaknesses, comes from The Dreamwave series TF: More Than Meets The Eye #6, a comic. A great series that we highly recommend, get yourself a copy today!

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* Sixshot also known as: Six Shot

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