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We begin our coverage of Botcon 2013, Transformers annual, official Fan convention this year, as we have in the past, with a LIVE PHOTO FEED of images we upload nearly as fast as we can take the photos.  Check them out in the slideshow below!



The Hasbro Panel has become now a perenial favorite, which virtually everynoe in attendance looks forward to immensely.  This year was no exception, and Hasbro didn't dissapoint!  Winners of the Transformers Hall of fame were announced as (second place, but still inducted Ultra Magnus, and first place Beast Wars Megatron).  A complete listing of toys unveiled at Hasbro, and publicity stills they offered can be seen below:

(2013) TRANSFORMERS Generations Legends 2-Packs
·         A5485 – Swerve w/ Blast Master 
·         A5486 – Cosmos w/ Sky High
(2014) TRANSFORMERS Generations Deluxe
·         A5478 Dreadwing
·         A5479 Waspinator
·         A5480 Skids
·         A5481 Goldfire
(2014) TRANSFORMERS Generations Voyager
·         A5483 Doubledealer
·         A5484 Rhinox
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Legion
·         A6422 Rot Gut
·         A4699 Divebomb
·         A4701 Bluestreak
·         A4700 Elite Air Vehicon
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Commander
·         A4706 Megatron
·         A4705 Ultra Magnus
·         A4704 Bludgeon
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe
·         A4689 Prowl 
·         A6214 Bumblebee
·         A6215 Twinstrike
·         A6216 Smokescreen
·         A6217 Windrazor
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Voyager
·         A6212 Beast Hunter Optimus
·         A6213 Predaking