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We began our coverage of the International ToyFair 2013 from New York City, by providing site visitors with a LIVE photo feed of image, which is shown below.  While some of these pictures may be a little smaller size/rez than those of the galleries below, It allowed Unicron.com followers to see these new items, nearly as fast as we could take the pictures! ... 

After our initial check-in, all of the representatives from various media outlets were treated to a reception dinner, where we had the opportunity to meet members of the Universal creative development team.  A video compilation of our interview with Mike West, the Executive Producer with Universal Creative, has been compiled below.

After everyone was checked in and ushered to the theater, the Hasbro presentation begins and is to stated to include 5 major categories, starting with Hasbro Studios, Mike Vogel.
• Lot of talk about the success of My Little Pony. Everyone seems unnaturally fired up about Twlight Sparkel becoming a princess! (Possibly just to keep things moving. :) Many more eps of MLP on the way.
• Zero mention of Transformers Prime. --Should’ve known this was a bad omen of the series about to end, concluding with a 13-episode season 3.
• Below are images from the other 'non-Transformers' items of ToyFair.

Next up came the moment we had been waiting for, Jerry Javoin and Josh Lamb talk Transformers.  Presentation began with the biggest portion of the new year’s line: Beast Hunters and the third season of Transformers Prime, which will “cross pollinate.”  Translation: expect to see Beast Hunters stuff everywhere; from the main line of figures to Kre-O, Cyberverse and other licensed products:
• Fans can expect Beast Hunters stuff to dominate marketing push this year including Cyberverse and a new IDW Beast Hunters comic.  –3 variant covers shown.
• Toy line official launch 2/11/13.  Beast Hunters make-over of the Transformers.com website, 2/12/13.
• Shows to air, “in the spring” date to be announced.  They did not say either in the presentation or upon individual questioning, when season 3 would debut.
• Cyberverse: Legion Soundwave and Prowl “grovel before the gavel!”  Hun-Gurrr, Commander Starscream with thunder talon.  Commander scale Shockwave with “hyper flex cannon.”
• Deuxe figure reveals included BH Ratchet with “Dragon Grinder Drill,” Dreadwing with “Dread Assault Cannon.” Skystalker.  Fantastic dragon mode deco.
• Voyager: Shockwave with “Hyperflux Cannon” and yes they explained, the red Beast Hunter pieces come on and off, Ultra Magnus is a significant retool of OP to include the “Forge of Solace Prime,”  Grimwing which is an ersagrif: bear and falcon combo (can’t find any refrences to such a creature.  Unless he’s talking about a griffin: half lion, half eagle?
• Supreme (bigger previous scales)  Beast Hunter Optimus Prime ($59.99 price point) with 5-head dragon cannons, light up chest, huge truck mode, with spinning … Predaking  Commander class ($49.99 price point)  21” wingspan, fantastic paint aps, removable tail comes off to becomes sword…
• Feb 18 is official launch date of website takeover by Beast Hunters theme.  Over 40 beast hunters characters.  13 dragons.
• Trivia contest: What does CNA stand for? The answer Cybernucleic acid… won, because no one knew the correct response he was looking for, “Cyber Nano Algorithms.” ...  Below a gallery of all the Beast Hunters (main line) of Transformers figures.

Transformers presenters continued their pitch by declaring "1984  the greatest year in pop culture!"   (It's hard to disagree with that!) and the 30th Anniversary coming up soon.  Apparently, the development team in Transformers Generation decided to start he celebration early!  Generations celebrating that anniversary early and working their way to an even bigger 2014.   From summer 13 to end of 2014 Generations will keep getting better.  
• More partnering w/ IDW creating working w/ artists of IDW w/ Hasbro. What you see in the books are what you are going to see in the toy!  (Finally, they're listening!)
• New deluxe figures based on IDW Bumblebee, Megatron and Orion Pax, Trailbreaker
• Legends Scale: Optimus Prime with Roller,  Bumbleee with Blaemaster.  Scale is important...
• Voyager: Springer, Blitzwing.  Emphasis was placed on making each mode look distinct from one another and per the specs of designers.
• Then came the big daddy, of their presentation, the biggest Transformers toy ever made "Titan Class:" Metroplex!  To me, this figure that stole the show!  No joke, it blew away Transformers fans and even the non-Transformers fans alike.  Photos (even ours) don't do it justice, but here they are anyway!


Platinum Edition:  Not much was said about this line, in terms what it may include or how it's being developed, but as a collector of higher end Transformers, I liked what we saw.  So far it is to include figures from various lines, of various price points, all with slightly retooled parts and a deluxe paint aps!  Bring them on!  Figures include Year of the Snake Optimus Prime (Energon OP retool) Fall of Cybertron Omega Supreme, Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus (a retool of Weaponizer OP, with large, show accurate Forge of Solace Prime) and also newly announced Bruticus vs. Grimlock.  Of the latter, we saw only a picture during the presentation, which appeared as the SDCC coloring, and Grimlock looked no different than the publicity stills we've seen of the Generations Voyager.  

The presenters also used this segment to talk about the North America re-introduction of Masterpiece Transformers.  Incoming TRU exclusives: Acid Storm and  Soundwave!  Yes, with all 5 tapes, Rumble/Frenzy will include ground pounders and all new package design.  Probably to be revealed at Botcon 2013.

Cyberverse figures continue to enjoy enough success to keep rolling with lots of new additions.  However, not much was said about the line, either in the presentation or in the showroom floor.  Situated not too far from the 24 inch Metroplex, and Supreme Class Predaking with its 21" wingspan, the toys didn't get a ton of hype either.  But some great figures are in the works from Hardshell, to the Predacon combiners, an homage to the G1 Terrorcons.  Image we took can be seen below...

Construct-Bot are the newest Transformers trial product line.  What did the marketers have to say about them? •  Buildable figures which once assembled, transforms w/o taking parts on/off.  Transformation is part of the design play pattern.
•  Though very modular, still a complete unit.  
•  Designed to be very much customizable.  A new way to play with Transfotmers.
•  Characters selected G1 inspired.
•  Parts can be swapped with different price points.  Not just w/in the same class (ie. scout class parts interchange w/ Leader/elite… etc.  Run through each…  Tripplechangers,   Many more figures planned, expect this to get bigger and bigger. 
•  All price point figures are designed to be the same height.  The higher the price point, the more parts it comes with, the greater the complexity 

Last but not least, the publicity still images provided to us by Hasbro.