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Shockwave - Construct-Bots, Elite:

Construct! Customize! Convert! The Transformers Construct-Bots come in pieces, and it's up to you to build them in one of their 2 modes! Use the 51 pieces to build your Shockwave figure as a robot warrior or combat vehicle. Once he's built in one mode, you can either convert to another mode or tear him down and build him again! Build your own Transformers adventures with this 2-in-1 Shockwave figure!

Includes 51 pieces and instructions.

Build this 2-in-1 Shockwave figure as a robot or combat vehicle
Includes 51 pieces
Convert to the other mode or tear him down and build him again

Elite Class E2:03 Shockwave

Other toy appearances:

* Shockwave also known as: Shockblast

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