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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Kick-Over

Function: Security Expert
Motto: I want to show them what a good student I was.
Alt mode: Sports Car
Weapon: Amplifier, Sonic Blaster

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Kick-Over's combat training was earned in an unconventional manner.  As a prisoner held by the Decepticosn of Polyhex, Kick-Over was forced to fight his fellow Autobots in the Gladitorial arena fondly referred to as "The Greasepit" by their captors.  There, he gained in-depth knowledge and experience through intense hand-to-hand combat; it was learn fast or be terminated.  When the power struggle arose amongst the Decepticon rulers at Darkmount, Kick-Over used the distraction to lead his fellow prisoners to freedom.  His experiences in the gladiatorial pit have never left his processors, even now he overheats when he thinks of pursuing his revenge against his jailers.  His distrust of Decepticons extends to anyone wearing the emblem, regardless of their universe of origin.  Amplifiers on his back combine with his sonic blaster to create deadly vibrations caable of shaking apart the molecular bonds of solid matter.

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* Kick-Over also known as: Kick-Off

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