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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Soundwave

Function: Communications and Morale Officer
Motto: I have no mouth, yet I must rock!
Alt mode: SUV
Weapon: Sonic Cannon, Monomolecular Blade

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Shattered Glass Soundwave:

There is no Decepticon in any universe like Soundwave.  Cheerful, optimistic and headstrong, Soundwave acts more like his teenaged human friends than his cybertronian comrades.  All he really wants is for everyone to be excellent to each other and party on.  But that can't happen so long as buzz-kills like Optimus Prime, Rodimus and Ultra Magnus are out there.  

Soundwave's communications array automatically taps into any nearby data source.  At any given moment he is surfing the internet, rocking out to the radio and tapping enemy commuications while keeping his comrades connected.  His sonic cannon transforms into a monomolecular blade that vibrates at the speed of sound, making him dangerous at long range and in close quarters.  Soundwave's weakness is his compassion.  He is easily distracted due to his fondness for all life, machine or otherwise.

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