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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Junkheap

Function: Junkion Hive
Motto: The Hive is order. You are in chaos. Your Destruction will bring order.
Alt mode: Motorcycle

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Shattered Glass Junkheap:

A flaw in the Hive integration resulted in the creation of the Junkion Type 002 forms.  These Transformers are best described as hoarders of all things.  Junkion Type 002 often venture far from the core of the Hive in search of scrap parts to increase their collection.  No dulled armor, broken missile launcher, bodies with missing limbs or heads are beyond the hoarding needs of a Junkion type 002.  Even the smallest scrap of out-dated diecast metal is desired.  Taking advantage of the flaw, Wreck-Gar has ordered the Junkion Type 001 to melt any collections amassed by a Type 002 into shells for new additions to the Hive.  The sense of loss felt by Junkion Type 002 implores them to continue their collections of scrap.  The Hive saw value in the collections of Type 002 by the designation Junkheap, deeming his hoard to be exempt from the smelting pool.  Junkion Type 002 are second line warriors for the Hive.  Their function is to defend Wreck-Gar during battle, sacrificing themselves if necessary.

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