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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Gigatron

Function: Overlord of Destruction
Motto: I stand my ground. I accept any challenge.
Alt mode: Tank
Weapon: 105mm tank gun, bladed melee weapons

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Forfeiting his throne at Polyhex to his successor, STRAXUS, Gigatron turned to his inherent nomadic tendencies.  Thirsting for ever more power, he drifted with the eddies and currents of the Dark Flow as he searched for that which would make him stronger.  He found it in a small blue sphere glowing brightly in the blackness.  This planet Earth was rich with resources and he coudl feel its potency, however, he could sense another energy waiting to be tapped.  Gigatron's craving for power borders ont he psychotic.  He believes that he alone is befitting of greatness and often resorts to violent sprees to provide evidence of this.  Although his body has been augmented several times as the result of battle, his infrastructure remains a functional munitions factory.  It is capable of constructing a near endless variety of ordnance and launching it through his M68A1 105mm tank gun.  In robot mode, GIGATRON carries an arry of bladed melee weapons so that he may savor the damage he inflicts in close-quarter brawl.

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* Gigatron also known as: Overlord

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