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Transformers Timelines (BotCon) Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (deluxe)

Function: Emperor of Destruction
Motto: All sentient beings are free to follow me. Refusal means destruction.
Alt mode: Long-nosed Truck
Weapon: Sword of G-metal

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Shattered Glass Optimus Prime (deluxe):

During a major offensive in Sector 17 of the Mirtonian Quadrant, Optimus Prime was severely damaged and his Laser Core almost extinguished.  Abandoned by is own warriors, he managed to drag himself to a CR Chamber in a remote outpost nerby.  With the help a local tech, he was able to fashion a new, upgraded body.  Reborn this body not only provided Optimus with more strength and faster processing power but it also affected his qsyche making him believe that he was indestructible and the true embodiment of power.  Returning to Polyhex, he destroyed several of the warriors who had abandoned him and re-established his role as leader.  In addition to upgrading his body, Optimus also updated his weaponry by fashionging a sword out of the mysterious "G-Metal", allowing him to slicer through enemies in a single blow.  

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