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Transformers Generation 1 Ratchet

Function: Medic
Motto: "You break it, I'll remake it!"
Alt mode: Ambulance

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Profile: Ratchet was known as the best tool-and-die man on Cybertron.  In his work area bay, he can fashion anything from a pin to a cruise missile and repair most of the Autobots and their specific parts, given the right materials.  His rough language and manners belie his gentle touch on the operating assembly table.  He knows how to have a  good time despite his involvement in a combat group.  "When does the party begin?" is his usual query after he's completed patching up his latest fallen comrade.  He's prone to giving his leader, Optimus Prime, a lot more back talk than the other Autobots, but does his job as well as anyone.

Abilities: Ratchet has an assortment of laser scalpels, arc welders, electron microscopes, electrical circuit sensors and fluid dispensers (both lubricating and super-cooled) at his disposal.

Weaknesses: His preference for partying to anything else sometimes interferes with getting his job done.   Otherwise he's only limited in doing his work by time and materials available.

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