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Transformers Generation 1 Mirage

Function: Counter Intelligence
Motto: "Who and what I am I hide from the enemy."

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Profile: Mirage is not thrilled about being with a bunch of rough and tumble freedom fighters like the Autobots.  If he had a choice he'd be in Monte Carlo, or better yet, back on his beloved Cybertron hunting turbo-foxes with his high priced friends.  Autobot leader Optimus Prime must constantly cajole him into continuing his service with the Autobots, but he feels it may be a losing battle.  Despite his coolness to the cause, Mirage is a surprisingly effective and deadly fighter and an even more effective intelligence gatherer, which is the role he much prefers.

Abilities: Mirage carries a rear mounted electro disrupter which is able to interfere with the circuitry of an opponent by casting discrete packets of electrical charges at him.   Hence, he never is situated where he seems to be when it is in use, and can even use the disrupter to give himself the illusion of a different physical appearance, which he can sustain for up to six minutes.  all of this contributes to his effectiveness as an intelligence agent.  He can also hit a screw head dead center from 200 yards with his armor piercing hunting rifle.  It shoots liquid fuel powered darts.

Weaknesses: He is unsure of the Autobots and their cause, and consequently cannot always be fully trusted.  Optimus Prime is well aware of his coolness to the group, but considers him too valuable to let go.

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