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We know, the first year of the comics didn't exactly correlate with the first year of the toys, so we'll provide you with plot summaries for issues that ~roughly~ correspond to the toys of that year, starting with issues #1-7.  Special thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who has kindly written & provided the issue plot summaries below:

by: Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio, Frank Springer, Kim DeMulder
With an asteroid belt threatening Cybertron, Optimus Prime agrees to lead a crew aboard the Ark to destroy the asteroids. Megatron and other D’s board the Ark and attack A’s. Optimus sends the Ark on a collision course to Earth. Four million years later an eruption at Mount St. Hillary awakens the computer systems and A’s and D’s are rebuilt into Earth vehicles, weapons, etc. A’s are more naive than in the cartoons and try to communicate with cars. They eventually meet Sparkplug and Buster Witwicky.

Issue #2 cover POWER PLAY
by: Bill Mantlo, Jim Salicrup, Frank Springer, Kim DeMulder  
The D’s attack an incomplete nuclear plant and turn the parts into a base. Sparkplug is kidnapped by D’s to help them convert fuel into a power source they can use. (Ravage talks!?)

Issue #3 cover PRISONER OF WAR!
by: Jim Salicrup, Frank Springer, DeMulder, Esposito  
Guest starring Spider Man in his “symbiote suit”.  Gears and Spider Man infiltrate the D’s headquarters and take on all the D’s to rescue Sparkplug.

issue #4 cover THE LAST STAND
by: Jim Salicrup, Frank Springer, Akin, Garvey
Sparkplug has a heart attack and has flashbacks of Korean War. Shockwave is revealed to have come to Earth shortly after the events of 4 million years ago. The Ark adapted 5 Autobots into dinosaurs to combat Shockwave. Back to current times Shockwave frees himself from burial. Huge A vs. D battle with a surprise ending.

issue #5 cover THE NEW ORDER
by: Bob Budiansky, Alan Kupperberg
Buster Witwicky and Ratchet leave the hospital and discover the A’s taken prisoner along with the head of Optimus Prime. First appearance of G. B. Blackrock and Josie Beller (Circuit Breaker)

issue #6 cover THE WORSE OF 2 EVILS! 
by: Bob Budiansky, Alan Kupperberg
Shockwave attacks an oil drilling platform and Josie Beller is injured. Optimus Prime creates a mind link with Buster Witwicky. Megatron frees himself and battles Shockwave.

issue #7 cover WARRIOR SCHOOL!
by: Bob Budiansky, William Johnson, Kyle Baker
As Buster Witwicky feels the effects from the mind link, Ratchet infiltrates the D’s base. Megatron battles Ratchet and Ratchet strikes a deal to defeat Shockwave for him.