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Transformers Generation 1 Trailbreaker

Function: Defensive Strategist
Motto: "An Autobot is as good as the fuel in his tank."

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Profile: "Awe, hexagonal nuts!"  or "Looks like some pigenoids can't find their nest."  That's how Trailbreaker describes a full-scale attack by a battalion of flying Decepticons.  He'll make light of anything, no matter how dire the situation, and has been known to cross the optic circuits of huffer whiile he's in his rest mode.   Even Huffer laughed at that one.  He's the Autobot cheerleader.  But there's a darker side to Trailbreaker.  He is the most fuel consuming Autobot and thus believes he is a liability to the group.  He often has volunteered to be left behind in battle situations rather than use up precious resources.  His lack of self esteem is apparent to Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, who continually reassures him of his value.

Abilities: Trailbreaker's fource field projector can create an invisible barrier with up to a 30 foot radius that withstands peretration by all forms of projectiles, all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation except those of extremely high intensity, and temperatures as high as 800,000 degrees Centigrade.  A sustained assault on the force field, if strong enough, can eventually weaken and destroy it.  Mounted behind his head, Trailbreaker wears a radio jamming broadcaster.  He can transmit signals on 64 frequencies simultaneously and often uses it to jam enemy attempts at jamming Autobot communications.

Weaknesses: His high fuel consumption and slowness of movement make Trailbreaker particularly vulnerable in certain situations.  He'll often mope about his handicaps and fortget about his responsibiliteis as a result.  But his bravery and defensive prowess are unquestioned, and he can usually recover his wits in time to samve himself and his comrades.

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* Trailbreaker also known as: Trailcutter

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