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Transformers Generation 1 Wheeljack

Function: Mechanical Engineer
Motto: "Never do what your enemy expects you to do."
Alt mode: Sports Car

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Profile: "That guy can build a neutron bomb out of a wristwatch and a rusty can," says Blue Streak, and that's not far from the truth.  As well as the Ark fashioned the Autobots, Wheeljack is always coming up with ways to improve them, particularly their weaponry.   His knack for creating wild new gadgets has earned him a "mad scientist" reputation and their deadly effectiveness has earned him the respect of friends and enemies alike.  He is also the Autobot most adept at driving while in his automobile mode and has pulled off tricks that Hollywood stunt drivers haven't  even dreamed of yet.  He fully enjoys showing off when the opportunity presents itself.

Abilities: In addition to those mentioned above, Wheeljack, while in Autobot mode,  can use the solid fuel rockets in his arms to fly at speeds of 320mph with a range of 800 miles.  His shoulder-mounted cannons shoot a variety of shells: a magnetic-inducer shell, which douses its victims in a magnetic dust that attracts ferrous objects from distances up to 4,000 feet away that adhere to and eventually disable the victim; a shrapnel-needle shell, which explodes into millions of hair thin filaments that can pierce even the strongest armor and disrupt internal circuitry; and a  gyro inhibitor shell, which implants itself upon impact and destroys the balance of its victims.  Wheeljack is continually adding new gimmicks to his shells.

Weaknesses: Wheeljack is his own worst enemy.  He frequently injures himself while experimenting with new weaponry.


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