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Transformers Armada Street Action Team / Perceptor (Sureshock, High Wire, Grindor)

Motto: "Seek your true power."

Street Action Team / Perceptor (Sureshock, High Wire, Grindor) in other sections:

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Street Action Team / Perceptor (Sureshock, High Wire, Grindor):

First Comic Appearance: They were seen on the cover of TF Armada #1. However, their first actual appearance wasn't until issue #3. 

Although they look ordinary, these three robots are keys to the mini mission of all the Mini-Cons. They combine into a robot, showing the strength of teamwork. Their capabilities continue to grow over time, but their real power is in making others discover their true potential. The Autobots & Decepticons see the unlimited power hidden beneath their innocent forms and struggle to possess them.

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Other toy appearances (Sureshock):

Other toy appearances (High Wire):

Other toy appearances (Grindor):

• Movie ROTF FAB Missile Assault Grindor (2009)
• Movie ROTF Grindor (2009)
• Movie ROTF Legends Grindor (2009)
• Hunt for the Decepticons Bombing Run Battle: Bumblebee vs. Grindor (Walmart Excl 2-pack) (2010)

Other toy appearances (Perceptor):

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