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The 2nd Accessory pack -that never was!  But wow did we sure want it to be!  We worked hard on this one!  But fate conspired against this effort.  The one and only thing we didn't like about this tremendous toy was that it lacked posability in his legs.  So, we devised a retrofit kit that would make the transformation more complex and give him bending knee joints and ball/socket hip joints for unlimited posability.  Check out THIS LINK to learn all about it...

Bio:  [From the Personal Files of Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader]   Megatron is evil incarnate... the twisted essence of hatred and tyranny given mechanical form. As leader of the Decepticons, he is my sworn enemy.  He's an adversary I have grown to fear, at that... but the fact is that I once admired him, long ago.  I first heard of Megatron during my early cycles serving at the Cybertronian Military Academy.  There, the other recruits and I heard tales of a warrior so powerful that none could stand against him...a soldier who not only commanded great strength and amazing abilities, but also one of the greatest intellects on the planet; a legendary figure, indeed. However, his power would eventually corrupt him and he soon mounted a rebellion against the governments of Cybertron after building a massive force known as the Decepticon army. He dedicated this army to not only the conquest of Cybertron, but of the entire universe. It wasn't until returning to the Academy from my first mission as an active field commander that I learned just how insatiable and ruthless his thirst for power truly was. While passing an Energon refinery, I saw firsthand the Decepticons' handiwork. The stories that I heard as a fledgling recruit paled in comparison to the actual death and destruction left in Megatron's wake. The entire facility was burned to the ground, and the security force that had been guarding it...though I scrambled to assist my former peers, I was forced to watch helplessly as many of them entered terminal stasis. I quickly realized that this icon from my youth was nothing more than a merciless, power-hungry tyrant----one that had to be stopped, no matter what the cost. Many say that Megatron and I are opposite sides of the same coin...both so inextricably linked to our respective causes that we've become their living embodiments. To an extent this may be true.. .but while I try to inspire my troops' loyalty with courage and camaraderie, Megatron chooses to base his leadership on brutality and fear.

Weapons and Abilities:  Megatron is easily one of the most physically powerful warriors in the Decepticon regime--perhaps the most powerful. Autobot intelligence suggests that Megatron's primary cannon is able to siphon energy inter-dimensionally from a still-unidentified source and channel it in the form of a concentrated anti-matter blast. However, there is no hard evidence to support these claims as any Autobot unfortunate enough to fall victim to the weapon has been completely vaporized. Also, rumors have recently surfaced regarding a reformatted version of Megatron with several major enhancements...I shudder to think.


Weaknesses:  Megatron's only true weakness, if you could call it that, is his utter lack of remorse. In his optics, total control of the universe is his birthright, and he's fully prepared to do anything and everything in his power to achieve that goal-no matter how many lives must be lost. He's not the type to share his power with subordinates, nor does he view them as anything more than ends to his sinister means.  But to a tyrant such as Megatron, perhaps he sees this as one of his greatest attributes.


Bio: [From the Troop Assessment Files of Megatron, Decepticon Leader]  It's quite laughable, really. In the very core of his spark, Leader-1 truly believes that-somehow, some way-he'll eventually become a leader in fact and not just name. At first, he tried to ingratiate himseif with me, doing everything from suggesting battle tactics on the field to helping keep the other Mini-Cons in line in order to win my favor. When it became clear that this behavior wouldn't convince me to let him assume a station of command, he resorted to open acts oftreachery against me...1 still haven't forgotten his homicidal insubordination on the Moon. Yet, his tenacity and ingenuity occasionally impress me; in these respects, he is far superior to the average Mini-Con. But that changes nothing.  I will never allow a lowly Mini-Con to exert any control over my operations or me; they are tools to be manipulated, nothing more. For Leader-I to believe he can be something more than that, to think for one astrosecond that he could ever stand with me as an equal, is ridiculous and insulting beyond words. I will dash his dreams at every turn until he understands his place...if he doesn't, then he will be discarded and replaced.

Weapons and Abilities:  Although I'll never tell the little scraplet this, his abilities have proven valuable to me.  Leader-1 is a surprisingly intelligent and tactically inclined Mini-Con; had he the fortune to be created a Decepticon instead of a Mini-Con, he would've made an excellent warrior. In addition to his mobile cannon mode, he can also transform into a powerful handgun for my use.

Weaknesses: Leader-I gives himself more credit than he deserves. Although he's clever, his plans are too grandiose to be achieved by just him. After all, he's only a Mini-Con.


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