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Transformers Armada Scavenger w/ Rollbar

Motto: "Always rise to the call of duty!"

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One of the few AUTOBOTS who has been around as long as OPTIMUS PRIME, SCAVENGER has come to Earth in a secret mission to observe the DECEPTICONS in order to gain more insight into their destructive ways. He was formerly an instructor at CYBERTRONS top military academy, and it is said that any student placed under his guidance is destined to succeed. Powerful, wise, and incredibly strong, SCAVENGER always puts his mission first -- but can he fulfill his deadliest mission yet under the watchful eyes of MEGATRON?

Strength:  10.0
Intelligence:  8.0
Speed:  5.0
Indurance:  8.0
Rank:  9.0
Courage:  9.0
Firepower:  6.0
Skill:  10.0

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