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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con Backblast vs. Sureshock


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Mini-Con Backblast vs. Sureshock:

Backblast is a simple robot, nearly incapable of independent thought. When Backblast is told to attack, he attacks, and does not stop attacking until the order is given. It is only when he is joined with the other two members of the Deep Space Mini-Con Team as the powerful Umbral Blaster that he feels his full potential. As a robot, he is only a barely sentient battering ram, but as a part of the Umbral Blaster the energy stored within his armored body is released in an unstoppable storm of destruction.


For SURESHOCK, it's nice to finally be back in action. He's enjoyed the relative peace under the Council of Sages, but even the most exciting off-road courses on the moons of CYBERTRON don't compare to hopping from asteroid to asteroid under the constant threat of enemy attack. SURESHOCK lives for excitement, after all, and there's nothing more exciting than penetrating deep into enemy territory in order to pick a fight!

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