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Classics Transformers Dirt Digger Team (Dirt Rocket, Grindor, Oil Slick)

Motto: Mud slinging is our job, and we love a job well done.

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Dirt Digger Team (Dirt Rocket, Grindor, Oil Slick):

These guys might look like down and dirty backwoods brawlers, but in reality they are highly efficient spies and information warriors. All too often, those engaging the Dirt Digger Team in a battle of wits have found themselves sorely under-prepared. If you've got a dirty secret, these three will dig it up and show it to the world at the worst possible moment. They specialize in breaking the spirits of their enemies through a constant flow of false information.

Other toy appearances (Dirt Rocket):

Other toy appearances (Grindor):

• Movie ROTF FAB Missile Assault Grindor (2009)
• Movie ROTF Grindor (2009)
• Movie ROTF Legends Grindor (2009)
• Hunt for the Decepticons Bombing Run Battle: Bumblebee vs. Grindor (Walmart Excl 2-pack) (2010)

Other toy appearances (Oil Slick):

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