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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con Blastcharge vs. High Wire


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In between the moons of Cybertron trails a 3,000 mile-long field of debris left there by the many battles that have been fought in orbit around the machine planet. It is in the dangerous, remote center of this desolate asteroid field that Blastcharge, under the direction of Sunstorm, has constructed a decoy base of operations. The leader of the Deep Space Mini-Con Team had hoped to lure in and destroy fighters for the Mini-Con Council of Sages. He never imagined that the Council would send the one and only Street Action Team to their doom!


High Wire and his teammates on the Street Action Team returned to Cybertron as heroes after the Energon Battles. As a result, they were among the first warriors enlisted by Anti-Blaze and the Mini-Con Council of Sages to fight the Mini-Con rebels. He is reluctant to return once again to battle, but he also knows that - combined as Perceptor - the Street Action Team is the most powerful warrior among the Mini-Cons, and the only one with a chance of going up against the Deep Space Mini-Con team and winning.

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