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Transformers Titanium Rescue Ratchet vs. Blackout (Toys R Us ex.)


Rescue Ratchet vs Blackout (Titanium 3" 2-pk) in other sections:

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Rescue Ratchet vs. Blackout (Toys R Us ex.):

AUTOBOT RATCHET and BLACKOUT are as close to being total opposites as it is possible to get. The AUTOBOT medic is a talented and compassionate mechanic and doctor. He’s good at his job, and takes pride in his work. The other AUTOBOTS all like and appreciate him. BLACKOUT, on the other hand, is a raging brute, with no regard for the well being of others. He is single-minded in his purpose as a warrior, caring for nothing other than destruction.

Other toy appearances (Ratchet):

Other toy appearances (Blackout):

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