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Transformers Titanium Offroad Ironhide vs. Deep Desert Brawl (Toys R Us ex.)


Offroad Ironhide vs Deep Desert Brawl (Titanium 3") in other sections:

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Offroad Ironhide vs. Deep Desert Brawl (Toys R Us ex.):

Both IRONHIDE and DECEPTICON BRAWL are among the most experienced and cunning warriors to ever emerge from the first of the war on CYBERTRON. The AUTOBOT weapons master is versed in thousands of years of tactical history and strategic thought, while the DECEPTICON bruiser is a vicious, instinctive fighter, bred for victory. As one hunts the other through the deepest, most desolate desert on Earth, they both contemplate their inevitable conflict, and know that when they finally meet, only one of them will walk away.

Other toy appearances (Ironhide):

Other toy appearances (Brawl):

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