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Transformers Titanium Thrust (Titanium 6")


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Thrust (Titanium 6"):

THRUST is a bully, not a soldier. With the other DECEPTICONS® at his side, he’s as courageous as they come, charging into battle boasting of the victory to come. Even when he and his comrades have their opponents outnumbered, however, he always picks the smallest, weakest target to attack. He’ll never fight an enemy his own size, and will come up with any excuse to avoid a fight he’s not certain he can win. He is a coward, through and through, with nothing but a bad attitude and a loud mouth to support him.

Unique Feature - Can hover in jet mode.

Comic Gallery:

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Other toy appearances:

• Universe Legends Aerial Rivals 5-pack (Target exclusive - Autobot Blades, Air Raid, Skydive, Thrust, and Ramjet) (2008)
• Universe Robot Heroes Autobot Blaster vs. Thrust (G1) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Thrust (2009)

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