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Transformers Titanium Hot Zone (Titanium 6")


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Hot Zone (Titanium 6"):

Filled with what seems like boundless energy, HOT ZONE never stops moving. It is never a restless motion, but the movement of an individual constantly ready to spring into action. More than any other AUTOBOT®, he is ready for battle at a moment’s notice, diving in and fighting with a warrior’s instinct that is second to none. Other AUTOBOTS® take inspiration from his energy, following him cheerfully into the very heart of danger, and, thanks to his skills, always emerging unscathed.

Unique Feature - Fluid cannons fire flame-suppressing foam, or EM foam that shorts out DECEPTICONS.

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Other toy appearances:

* Hot Zone also known as: Hot Spot

• Universe Legends Special Team Leaders 5-pack (Target exclusive - Razorclaw, Scattorshot, Silverbolt, Hun-Gurrr, and Autobot Hot Zone) (2008)

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