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Transformers Titanium Cliffjumper vs. Dead End (Toys R Us ex.)


Cliffjumper vs Dead End (Titanium 3" 2-pk) in other sections:

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Cliffjumper vs. Dead End (Toys R Us ex.):

In another situation, CLIFFJUMPER and DEAD END might be friends. Or whatever passes for friends among individuals who are constantly doing things just to provoke or freak out other people. CLIFFJUMPER lives to pick fights with people, while DEAD END spends most of his time lurking in corners and saying the creepiest, most bizarre things he can think of. As things stand, though, these two are enemies, which means the extend of their relationship is DEAD END saying something about darkness to CLIFF JUMPER, and getting struck for it.

Other toy appearances (Cliffjumper):

Other toy appearances (Dead End):

• Universe Unicron w/ Dead End (Toys R Us exclusive) (2008)
• Movie ROTF Dead End (Deluxe) (2009)
• Movie ROTF Dead End (Scout) (2009)
• Timelines Dead End (Animated, Stunti-Con-Job boxset) (2011)

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