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Transformers Armada Blurr w/ Incinerator

Motto: "Stand up, keep fighting!"

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Bio: Subject tends to push himself beyond the limits of his design.This can be as simple as neglecting to refuel while in the middle of a mission to taking on more than he can handle on the battlefield.  Nothing sickens Blurr ~ more than the sight of Autobot warriors who care more about personal glory than getting the mission accomplished—and don't ask him how he feels about cowards unless you want an extended speech on the importance of courage. Blurr's a tough, quick thinking warrior who casually dismisses the accolades he's earned from his numerous victories. He acts without hesitation for the sake of the job, and he's always willing to put 110% into the most thankless task as long as it helps achieve the Autobots' goals. His calm demeanor and absolute unwillingness to accept defeat have made him one of the most respected warriors in the army.With his nose-to-the­ grindstone work ethic, it's no surprise that Blurr finds himself at odds with younger Autobots like Hot Shot. Although the rivalry between these two remains on friendly terms, Blurr considers Hot Shot a bit of a slacker and constantly pushes him to excel.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has only above-average strength and endurance. but his great intelligence, determination, and incredible speed make him a frightening fighter. He has blazing speed in his ground-based vehicle mode. as well as in his flight-attack mode (making him one of the few Autobots capable of flying).

Weaknesses: Subject tends to push himself beyone the limits of his design.  this can be as simple as neglecting to refuel while in the middle of a mission to taking on more than he can handle on the battlefield.



First Comics Appearance: 
Dreamwave, TF: Armada #1 -WAY befor Blurr!

"Not even gravity can slow me down."

Bio:  Incinerator is all about speed; he lives it, talks about it, and aiways pushes himself to go just a iittle bit faster. Insecure because of his frail physique, Incinerator struggled to find something else to make himself useful. Finally, he turned his talent for high-speed travel into his claim to fame by working to become one of the fastest Mini-Cons ever, built. His bragging and overcompensating can get on everyone's nerves, even Blurr's, but Incinerator knows that no one can deny his skills. On land, he runs rings around all ground­ bound Decepticons, and even some of their airborne comrades have a hard time keeping up with him. Blurr wishes Incinerator would tone down his self-praise, but he's extremely proud of how hard his partner worked to achieve his goals.

Weapons and Abilities: Subject has below-average strength and resistance to damage. In vehicle mode, the upper limits of his speed are unknown; he's been clocked at Mach I without showing much strain. He's capable of outmaneuvering and outrunning even jets, and land vehicles can't hope to match him. When linked with Biurr, the duo can even gain limited flight capabilities, making them a powerful threat on--and above--the battlefield.

Weaknesses: Subject is easily damaged, and his poor strength limits his usefulness as a hand-to-hand fighter. He is very sensitive to negative comments about him and gets easily depressed if his abilities ­are called into question.

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